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Development update February 2024
Development update February 2024

Discover what's happened in fynk development

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

Hey there!

This week has unleashed a flurry of exciting changes, and you might have already caught a glimpse of themπŸ‘€.

It's worth mentioning that this article won't cover every single update or enhancement -instead, we're here to provide you with a quick peek at the standout highlights.

Without further delay, let's dive right in and explore the good stuff! 🌟

Improved conditions βš™οΈ

Conditions just got more powerful!

- AND/OR function to combine multiple conditions

- new operators like empty/not empty or starts/begins with (availability depends on data type)

- Tables can now be targeted for conditions

- Columns can now be targeted for conditions

New multi-signature flow πŸ–ŠοΈ

Signing a document multiple times used to be a bit less than smooth sailing, we'll admit.

Recognizing the importance of making the process as effortless and accessible as possible, we've rolled out a brand new signing wizard.

It's designed to guide you through all your signatures seamlessly, making the entire experience feel like a breeze! 🌬️✨

SSO/SAML Integration πŸ–₯️

Guess what?

Logging into fynk just got a whole lot simpler! Thanks to a quick and painless initial setup with your IT team, you can now effortlessly access fynk using your Office365/Google/Okta (and many more) Login.

And while SCIM user-provisioning may not yet be ready, we can tell you it's already in the oven at optimal temperature πŸ˜‰

Dynamic field improvements πŸŽ–οΈ

Dynamic fields just got better! We've added some handy improvements to dynamic field handling:

- Optional dynamic fields can now be left blank, even if they're in use in the document

- Type indicators for dynamic fields - recognize the field type on the first glympse:

- Duplicate dynamic fields:

Digital signature for SES/AES signed PDF's πŸ”

In the past, we exclusively signed the HTML code of fynk documents when utilizing SES/AES signatures. While this method was eIDAS compliant, it sparked some concerns about longevity and trust.

Recognizing the paramount importance of security and document integrity in the digital realm, we've got some great news for you!

Starting this week, every signed PDF generated by fynk will now boast an LTV compliant signature. What does this mean for you? Well, it ensures verification compatibility across all major PDF readers, offering you peace of mind in the realm of document security. πŸ“„

Now go and enjoy that sweet green checkmark in the pdf reader of your choice β˜‘οΈ

Start signing process as external user ✏️

Good news alert! 🚨

We heard you loud and clear about the need for external users to kickstart the signing process, and we're thrilled to announce that it's now a reality!

Once all the prerequisites are checked offβ€” filled dynamic fields, placed signature blocks, and a chosen signature typeβ€”an external user can now initiate the signing process. Say goodbye to that pesky barrier, and let the smooth signing flow begin! πŸš€

New template restrictions βœ‹

In the past, every user had the power to create documents from any template, but we realized that wasn't the most ideal setup. So, we've revamped things! Now, if you don't hold the "owner" role, your document creation powers are streamlined. You can only create documents from templates assigned to a team that you're a part of. It's a thoughtful tweak to ensure a more tailored and secure experience for everyone involved.


That's of course not all!

We've added many more great improvements

- for example the pdf generation just got some improvements that will make your documents look better than ever.

- we improved the performance of the document list, so it will load faster than ever

- and of course we also fixed countless bugs

Thank you all for your contributions! whether it's your ideas or your bug-reports, you really help us a lot to make fynk better each day!

Stay tuned - we've got a lot more improvements coming up in the next weeks 😎

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