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Automations in fynk

Create and sign many documents in no time ⏳

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Automations offer a powerful solution for generating documents in bulk. By utilizing a document template and an Excel (.xls) file, you can seamlessly incorporate dynamic fields and details about parties/signatories.

Moreover, the automated process facilitates the swift transition of created documents to various phases. For instance, you have the flexibility to effortlessly shift all documents within an automation to the signing phase with a single click. This feature proves invaluable for streamlining tasks such as bulk employee contract amendments or any other document creation and signing requirements.

Where to access automations

You can access the automation section by clicking on the [Automations] item in the sidebar.

Alternatively you can use this link.

Create automations

In the automations section you can simply click the button to start creating an automation. A form will be opened, showing necessary and optional fields

Automation name

Choose a name for the automation. This will define the automation's name in the automations list. Additionally this will be used for naming the created documents. If, for example the automation is named "Work Contracts Feb 2024" like in the picture above, all documents created from the automation will be named "Work Contracts Feb 2024+++" where the +++ will be additional info like Parties.


Choose a document template to be used for creating the documents. The created documents will inherit multiple datasets like template content, metadata, dynamic fields, signature type, signature blocks, checkpoints and party count/type from the selected template.

Team (optional)

Here you can choose a team that should be assigned to the created documents. Members of the assigned teams will have access to these documents and receive notifications for them.

If you leave this blank, only the creator, account owners and checkpoint assignees can access the created documents.

Tags (optional)

Choose tags, that should be assigned to the created documents. Great to help you organize your documents!

As soon as you fill out the form and click the [continue] button, you will see a page similar to the image below.

Here you can download an Excel(.xlsx) template containing all parties, signatories and dynamic fields:

In this excel, simply add as many rows of informations as you need as documents.

After that, save the excel file and upload it to the top-center section of the page (Point 2 - Upload your data) [Drop XLSX file here or click to browse].

Now you can create the documents using the [Start automation] button.

Automation Document handling

After you have created the documents from the automation, you will see a screen showing the created documents in a list, along with the respective teams, stage, users and more:

Here, you can view the documents created and also proceed all documents to another stage.

Hint 💡: You can only proceed the documents to a new stage, if the necessary requirements are met. This includes:

  • No open or rejected checkpoints

  • All signing blocks set

  • All mandatory dynamic fields filled

  • Signature type chosen

  • No document in edit mode

After moving all documents to the "Signing" stage, all signatories will get email notifications to sign the document.

💁‍♀️ Our expert Support Team is on standby. Engage with us via our chat feature or reach out at [email protected] for any assistance 🚀.

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