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I was asked to sign a document via fynk. What do I have to do?
I was asked to sign a document via fynk. What do I have to do?

What is fynk and how to use it when a fynk document was sent to you for signing.

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Introduction πŸ‘‹

fynk is a dynamic document management platform designed to revolutionize the way contracts are handled. If a document has been sent to you through fynk for review and signature, follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth process.

Receiving an invitation to access a document πŸ“¨

When you receive a fynk document invitation like the image shown below, simply click on "Open Document" to access and review your document securely.

Accessing the document πŸšͺ

  1. Upon entering fynk interface, you may be prompted to provide additional details like your first and last name so the document can be prepared for signing.


  2. Some documents might also require you to enter company details, such as your company's name and official address and other details as specified in the document.


  3. Lastly, in some cases there are additional details that the sender has asked you to answer before the contract can be generated.

This wizard-like flow in fynk simplifies the data input for you as a counterparty and the sender of the document.

Specifying who signs a document πŸ–ŠοΈ

If you have been sent a contract and are guided through fynk's "welcome wizard", you may be shown several options with regard to who will sign the document.

  1. When your party is a business entity and you have been invited to review the document, you will be able to add one or multiple signatories by:

    1. Clicking on "+ Add signatory".

    2. Specifying the e-mail (and optionally first / last name) of the signatory and clicking "Save".


  2. When your party is an individual / person and you have been invited to review the document, you will be able to specify if you will also be the person who is signing the document (see screenshot below).

Reviewing the document πŸ‘€

Within fynk's intuitive platform, you can easily review the document.

Adding a comment

To add a comment, move your mouse cursor over a section of text and click the comment symbol on the right edge of the document.

In the overlay, enter the desired comment and click "Save" or press "Cmd + Enter" on your keyboard to save the comment.

πŸ’‘ Hint: You can add other users involved in the document by entering "@" and starting to type their name. When the right name is selected, press "Enter".

Proposing changes

To propose a change, move your mouse cursor over a section of text and click the comment symbol on the right edge of the document.

In the overlay, click "Propose change" to open a new dialog.

πŸ’‘ Hint: The option to propose a change is only available if the sender has activated it in the document settings.

In the dialog, you can freely change the text content of the document (changes will be made visible in green and red text. You can also add a comment and mention people using "@" like you would when you are adding a comment. When you are finished, click "Submit proposal".

Sharing the document with additional users

To share the document with other users, locate the "Invite users" button in the upper right corner of the screen after you have finished the introduction questionnaire and proceeded to the document.

This will open a dialog. To invite a new user, enter a valid e-mail address in the field right below "Invite collaborators". In case the person you intend to invite was already added as a signatory, you will see their name appear as a suggestion in a dropdown and be able to select them directly.

πŸ’‘ Hint: When sharing the document with a new user (someone who has not been added to the document in another role, e.g. as a signatory first), you will have to provide a valid e-mail address and confirm it by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard.

Click "Send invitations" to add the users to the document and send them invitations.

Re-sending invitation e-mails and removing collaborators

In the lower part of the "Invite users" dialog (accessible via the blue button in the upper right corner of the screen) you will find a list of invited users (including yourself and any signatories that already have access to the document. To re-send the invitation e-mail for a user, click on "Re-send". To remove collaborator access of a user, click the trash can icon on the right side of the dialog next to the user.

Indicating that your side is ready to sign

When you have reviewed the contract and are happy with it's content, you can indicate to the sender that you are ready to sign by clicking the respective button in the top bar above the document content.

Receiving a signing request ✍️

Once the signing process has started, all signatories will receive a fynk email notification, like the image shown below. To sign the document, simply click on "Go to document and sign" to access and sign.

πŸ’‘ Hint: If you are a collaborator and a signatory at the same time, you will already have access to the document, but receive an invitation nonetheless.

What to do when the signing process has started and a signatory is missing or somebody else needs to sign?

Once the signing process has started, if you notice that adjustments need to be made to the signatories, for example because a required signatory is missing or the wrong person was added as a signatory, please let the sender of the document know that they have to cancel the signature process and make changes via a comment.

Signing a document πŸ‘€

You can start signing by simply clicking the signature block with your name (see image below).

When the signature block is active (ready to sign), the signature placeholder will be marked in yellow with a label "Click to sign".

An empty signature block that is empty indicates that the signing phase has not started yet or that the signing process has a pre-defined signing order and it is not your turn to sign yet.

If a signing sequence has been defined for a document, the defined signature order will be visible on the left side of the top bar above the document.

After clicking on "Click to sign", the signature dialog will be shown.

If you would like to type your signature rather than typing it, click on "Type signature".

Depending on the signature security level, the following process might differ.

​(Simple Electronic Signature)

You will proceed straight to the confirmation.

​(Advanced Electronic Signature)

Enter your phone number and click "Send verification code" to proceed.

Enter the verification code that you received to confirm your signature. If not redirected automatically, click "Validate".

​(Qualified Electronic Signature)

You will be offered a selection of country-specific QES methods. Select your preferred method by clicking on it in the list and proceed to follow the on-screen instructions.

Congratulations, you successfully signed the document.

Privacy 🧐

Curious about how we handle your data? Here's a condensed version of our privacy policy, but you can read the full policy here:

"For individuals who sign a contract via fynk but aren't registered users, we act as the β€˜data processor’ for the fynk customer initiating the document. We manage your data based on our customer's guidelines and legal mandates. Our customer holds the responsibility of ensuring compliance with data protection laws. We recommend always checking the privacy policy of the individual or entity sending the contract."

You're all done! πŸš€

After all parties sign, you'll get a notification email with a PDF of the completed document. Congratulations on signing your first document using fynk.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Our expert Support Team is on standby. Engage with us via our chat feature or reach out at [email protected] for any assistance πŸš€.

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